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Founder Reflections and Unveiling Bed Intentions Product 2

bySophie McGrath
We believe that a harmonious blend of intimacy and rest is essential for a fulfilling life, and our flagship product is just the beginning of what Bed Intentions has to offer.

The past three months have been an arduous journey, marked by long days, sleepless nights and another relentless pursuit.

I’ve navigated the challenging terrain of bringing our second product to market, a product that promises to transform intimacy — Natural Tingle Balm - Oil based Capsules.

After the success of our flagship and award winning product - Water Based Lubricant, our Oil Based Product was always next in line.

Like our Water-based Lubricant, our Tingle Balm has been meticulously developed over a three-year period. After countless, rigorous rounds of testing with community focus groups and refining through three sample iterations, we are excited to introduce you to our labour of love.

Like we do each product, we identified a significant market gap for an oil-based product that combines premium quality and benefits with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

And while water-based lubricants have their rightful place, the sensual experience provided by an oil-based lubricant is unparalleled.

Oil Based Lubricant Capsules In A Glass Bowl

I know what some might be thinking: Why oil?

Personally, I go between using water and oil based lubricants because they work for my body.

Oil lubricants boast a viscosity and texture distinct from their water-based or silicone counterparts.

Our rendition features a coconut oil foundation, imbued with an intriguing twist - aptly dubbed the "Tingle Balm", its unique allure stems from a blend of organic Ginger, Cardamom, and Peppermint oils, promising a gentle tingling sensation upon application to delicate areas.

With Bed’s Product 2, we aim to celebrate sustained pleasure through long-lasting lubrication. Its velvety texture enhances intimacy, offering a truly luxurious feel. Our ultimate goal is to heighten the senses and help foster deeper connections, whether for solo exploration or sensual play with a partner.

What sets our Tingle Balm apart in the sex industry is its innovative formulation and dedication to quality. This product is the first of its kind, combining natural, known ingredients with cutting-edge product formats to provide a safe, effective, and indulgent experience. Our formula is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, aligning with our commitment to the health and wellness concerns of our growing community.

hands with lubricants

Features of our Natural Tingle Balm - Oil Based Capsules include:

  • The first of its kind in the sex industry - bringing eco-conscious excitement to the bedroom with our all-natural product, designed to spark fun and play without harmful chemicals or preservatives.
  • Bite, tear or twist off the top of the capsule, squeeze the balm onto your fingers, then apply to your erogenous zones, and anticipate a cool, tingling feeling sensation.
  • Groundbreaking innovation - a product engineered for effortless dissolution after use. Just drop the empty shell into a cup of boiling water and behold its disappearing act - it degrades in the presence of warm temperatures.
  • Made from natural ingredients and contains Ginger, Cardamom and Peppermint oils to bring a little spice to the bed.
  • The compounds within the essential oils can help with encouraging wetness. We have ensured that there are enough essential oils yet they are safely within recommended percentages.
  • Packaged in a sustainable, plastic-free metal tin that’s 100% recyclable. Our certified cruelty-free, vegan, water-soluble capsules are conveniently single-dosed for ultimate freshness and precise application, suitable for use on the entire body.
  • Crafted with meticulous care, our Natural Tingle Balm boasts certifications for cruelty-free and vegan standards, formulated with premium natural starches and gelling agents.
  • Our balm contains Linseed oil, which is known to have a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids which can help with skin hydration and dryness.

The journey has been far from easy, with the past three months testing my resolve more than ever. Each step — sourcing the finest natural ingredients, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards, and managing the financial and mental load — has required unwavering precision and dedication. Despite these ongoing challenges, the satisfaction of creating something transformative keeps us motivated.

As we prepare to launch our Natural Tingle Balm, I reflect on the passion and perseverance that has brought us here. This product represents more than just a new addition to our lineup; it embodies our mission to enhance intimacy and sexual wellness through innovation and quality.

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and excited for what lies ahead.

A picture of Wanda Chin, our Head of Product

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Wanda Chin, our Head of Product. Her unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in our journey. Thank you, Wanda, for putting up with me, dreaming big with me, and for your invaluable contributions to making Bed Intentions’ vision a reality.

With three products currently in research and development, we’ll be focusing on our growth trajectory with these two offerings for the foreseeable future.

Our next venture: sleep science.


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