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A bottle of bed intentions water based lubricant

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Based on 24 reviews

Great product

Started using water based lubricant after using other products, found this to be my new lube of choice.

- Danny

The one!

You’ve changed the game - in our bedroom and in the market. Little to no clean up, no scent and not sticky. But where it goes above and beyond is the small ingredients list and how gentle it is on our bodies, not to mention packed beautifully! You are the only one for me/us now. Thank you.

- E

Enjoyed everything about this.

Had never tried a lube outside of the supermarket variety but was pleasantly surprised by every aspect. Loved the tactile packaging, the ethos of it all and of course the product. Really natural feeling, great lubricant that did everything I needed it to

- Vincent

Best above the rest!

In a market saturated with lubricants, Bed Intentions is paving the way! With a focus on wellness & sustainability with prebiotics and sustainable packaging - brilliant! No sticky residue, easy to use and clean up. 10/10 would recommend 💛

- Elizabeth

lube of my dreams

JUST PERF. It feels great on my bits and I've been loving it for solo play + it also helps knowing I'm treating my body to the good stuff and doing better for the planet while I'm at it...thank you for the dream lube!!

- Luna


This lube is the perfect addition for a single ladies solo play. Its silky smooth, not sticky or messy like so many others, and good for you and the environment. Like, could it be any better?! 10/10

- Lauren

Genuinely the best lube I've ever used.

From the order and delivery to the actual product, this is by far the best lube experience you could ask for.

- Chris

Loved the original; love the duo better!

Absolutely love the water based lube. Changed my perspective on lube and opened my eyes to the difference when using a QUALITY product (especially postpartum)! Tried the duo pack; and I’m glad I did! Love the consistency, smell and feel… not to mention the packaging and its convenience for travel.

If you’re considering purchasing one, would highly recommend investing in the duo.

- WC

Best lube formula I’ve ever used!

As an escort it’s hard to find a lube that’s compatible with me for consistent use! I’ve gone through two tubes already and absolutely love the formula! The only issue i have with the product is the lid on the tube, it’s finicky, far too small makes it hard to close after using and also causes it to leak often (although any leaks have come with easy clean up and no staining). A bigger and more easily secured top would make this product an absolute game changer for escorts everywhere!

- Sadie

Your new bff in bed

The girlies know — prebiotics are key for fun both during and after play! Super smooth, easy to clean-up and great for both toys and partners. My new fave lube!

- Laura


The tin, the capsules, the tingling feel — WHY HAVE WE NOT HAD THIS FOREVER

- Grace

Love the Tingle

Love the Tingle - Never used to be a lube person but I/we absolutely will be now. The tingle is great! Also love that the packaging is environmentally sustainable.

- Andrew

Great Lube

Just a great lube, feels really good.

- Aaron

Best Lube Ever

Incredibly smooth. Water base is gold and the slick tube is awesome. Will definitely be buying again.

- George

Finally, the lube of my dreams has arrived!

It’s so nice to finally have a lube that actually cares about being good for you whilst at the same time being a damn good lube. Couldn’t love this product more.

- Annie M

Just as good if not better

As someone who loved the water based so much when I found it, my curiosity got the better of me with the new addition to the lineup. Love the capsules, so unique, as well as the texture of the balm, would say it maybe even lasts longer which I love.

I’ll be coming back for more!

- Daniel

Amazing product

I had high hopes for this lube and it did not disappoint. I tend to get thrush when Ive used lube in the past however I didn’t get it when I used BI. This product is definitely a cut above the rest!

- Emma

Very enjoyable

Silky smooth! No mess. No fuss! Would highly recommend.

- Fran

I'm never going back

Bed Intentions Water Based Lubricant is hands down the best lube I've ever used! It has an ingredients list that I feel safe using on my skin and it's not sticky like other lubes I've tried. I also love their commitment to sustainability.

- Alice B

I love bed intentions! Highly recommend

Love this product, not tacky or sticky. Sort of feels like using water but in a lube. The metal tube is recyclable which I love. It’s nice to use a lube that’s focussed on the users’ health and not just packed with any chemicals

- Pru M

Amazing silky lube

Love bed intentions lube. Like nothing on the market. Non sticky and so easy to use. It’s my go-to!

- AC

What a treat!

Love this product! Brings more fun to the bedroom with its alternating cooling and warming sensations, a gentle tingle that allows for ultimate pleasure. The scent of this product is divine and the packaging of the product itself makes for easy application and minimal wastage. Highly recommended

- Ellen B

Best lube ever!

What a product!

This product makes such an instant difference and it is great to have a product out there that accounts for women’s health! The packaging is beautiful and makes for easy application that is not messy. The lube is sleek on the skin with no sticky residue making for a completely natural feel. Bed intentions know what they are doing when it comes to creating their products, it is a must purchase.

- Ellen B

A star of a product

This tingle balm delivers just as it says it will. It has beautiful texture and the most exciting tingle.

Super easy to use.

Great packaging and size for when you need to take it away from home too.

Would 10/10 recommend!!

- AC


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