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Your bed is calling, for one reason or another.


We are a brand for modern wellness, with personal products for the evolving spectrum of pleasure.


Creating Bed Intentions wasn’t just about adding another option to the shelf; it was about revolutionising the standard.


Our B-Corp certification reflects our commitment to ethical practices, ensuring that everything we do as a brand contributes to positive social and environmental impacts.

Meet The Department
Sophie McGrathFounder

Sophie founded Bed Intentions after struggling to find a personal lubricant that worked for both her body and her partner’s. She wanted it to add to her sex life, not take away from it, she wanted it to work for her body, not against it. After much research she realised the only answer was to make her own.

Meet the Department
Wanda ChinHead of Product

Wanda joins Sophie as Head of Product, having worked over several years leading strategy, innovation, and development, to bring considered products into the sexual wellness and sleep space.

Highest Standards

We believe you should know as much about the business behind a brand as its Founder does.

We are committed to auditing our supply chain including manufacturers, distributors, farmers and raw material suppliers, to ensure they meet our highest standards of ethical labour, hygiene, carbon neutrality, and sustainability efforts.

We are certified carbon positive (we purchase more carbon credits than our business is producing) to fund essential environmental projects through Trace. Having to pay for our carbon use means we have to keep measuring, and keep striving to reduce our emissions. We have also acquired our Leaping Bunning Certification as well as our B-Corp certification. We want our company to be as sustainable as possible, and such accreditations hold us strictly accountable.

To learn more about our Sustainability strategy, please read our blog post here

Proudly Carbon Positive
Cruelty Free
B-Corp Certified

We check all our suppliers before we work with them. We talk to every single one, to get to know how they work and if they align with our values. They need to pass our supplier code of conduct before we commence any work. As a business, we try to work with as many minority or women-owned businesses as possible.

Microbiome Friendly

Our products have been designed to be super easy to recycle. No separating, no guesswork, simply dispose the whole thing (after washing) into the recycle bin at home or anywhere that takes personal care products. Currently our tubes are 100% virgin aluminum, while we work towards finding a recycled aluminum supplier, to further reduce our carbon emissions.

Recycled Packaging
Made in Australia

Our core purpose is to share our passion and commitment to sustainable social change within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and specifically the LGBTQ+SB Peoples and Communities that have been largely under-represented.

Bed Intentions is committed to working with BlaQ. BlaQ is devoted to impactful work which we can help to amplify through our growing community networks in the hope that we can help BlaQ in raising awareness, funds, expertise, resources and boost volunteer numbers and overall support.


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